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CON4MX™ is an ‘Expert Technology Company’ that fuses modern computing technology with deep subject matter expertise to create tools that go beyond superficial solutions to business problems.

CON4MX™ is bringing the next generation of technology to business compliance. Focused on privacy – the number one security concern for American businesses, CON4MX™ offers tools to allow healthcare entities to build, manage, and measure compliance programs against government standards. Starting with the Salesforce Platform™, the most innovative cloud computing service in the world, CON4MX™ has created an easy-to-use enterprise-class compliance tool that offers the maximum in performance, security and reliability.

Beyond the software application, CON4MX™ is staffed with experience technical and compliance experts whose purpose is the success of your compliance program. As technology evolves, CON4MX™ will evolve also. Our pledge to our customers is to listen to your needs and make them our priority.

Our Purpose

CON4MX™ exists to expand the culture of compliance throughout the world with its revolutionary approach to compliance. Our goal is to safeguard the rights of our customers and their customers by building compliant companies that serve their customers with respect.

Our Promise

CON4MX™ promises to listen to our customers and make you our priority. We will provide you with ease to use and customizable solutions for compliance challenges, and to help you create and maintain a culture of compliance with a groundbreaking and
adaptable compliance tool.

We are committed to your success!