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Your success is our Purpose. CON4MX™ understands that a successful compliance program will be the measure of our performance. We stand by ready to assist you with installation, best practices and case-based support. CON4MX™ is made for customization; we can help create custom features for your supercharge yourcompliance program.

Technical Support Services
  • Unlimited Standard Feature Support.
  • Salesforce Integration Support (AppExchange).
  • Custom Feature Development.
  • Custom Data Integration.
Compliance Support Services

CON4MX™ has experts to consult with your team on using CON4MX™ to manage your compliance program. We can assist you with:

  • Compliance Program Set-Up and Review.
  • Compliance Breach Response.
  • Audit Response.
  • Custom Data Surveillance Tools.
  • Development of Custom Rule Sets (regulatory, internal or contract).